Since 1997, Sleep Senseitive has been designing, manufacturing and distributing cervical pillows for the Chiropractic industry. It was back in 1986 when our family began making other brand cervical pillows in the garage. Today we have over 24 years of cervical pillow knowledge and experience you can count on.

Our theory is simple yet over looked by our competitors. And that theory is fitting you into the right size pillow by measuring your body mass index. We think of it like this…A runner needs the right size shoe to support their foot properly. Well your head and neck are very fragile parts of your body too and require the right size pillow to sleep on.

The Vedic-Trac pillow is now on board all Crystal Cruise ships. Specifically found in every suite, that right there should indicate how comfortable these pillows really are. We take much pride in that accomplishment and with every individual sale we make too.

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