Get Fitted


Getting fitted for a pillow is not really the norm. Many consumers believe that any pillow from a retail store will work out just fine yet not so. Long term use on a pillow that is too big or too small, too soft or too firm may cause spinal issues such as lower and neck pain after waking up. Long term issues such as straightening of the cervical curve of the spine are partly contributed from pillows that do not support your neck and head properly.

The cervical support pillow market is plentiful too.  Just because the package reads, ‘Recommended by Chiropractors’ doesn’t mean it’s the right pillow for you.  Cervical pillows are not one size fits all.


Getting fitted for your pillow will provide you with optimal support and comfort. The fitting process is simple, measure your height and weight. Your height and weight are contributing factors when making your pillow selection.  Next, go to our size selection chart and align your body size with the pillow size that fits you.  We can create a custom size pillow for unique patients and customers.  There is no online option for this service. Call us to get your custom order started.



Please visit a Chiropractor and or your primary Doctor before you sleep on a pillow like ours. Not knowing the condition of your spine is something we are not aware of. You may not know either.  Understanding the condition and health status of your cervical spine is encouraged.

If you have never slept on a cervical pillow before then please consider making your density level selection extra soft or soft.  Anything firmer than that may cause unnecessary neck pain.