Auto Ship

Auto Send Program

We are always seeking ways to better improve our service and while doing so, reward you with extra benefits. Benefits that are gauranteed to save you money and time! If your an existing customer or first time buyer, we can make ordering alot easier while saving you time and at the same time earn points that will add to free pillows.

How does it work:

1) How often do you order? Note: Please take in to consideration the growth of your practice.

Look back as far as six months and estimate the average time frame between orders.

2) Would you like to continue that ordering cycle?
After you have done your evaluation, you can then decide if you would like to continue that cycle thru the, “Auto Send Program.”

Please fill out the Aplication Form and let us know how often we can automatically send out your pillows.

3) Points and how they are earned:
Each pillow purchased while enrolled in this program will earn you points according to size.

any small pillow=0.5 points
any med pillow = 1.0 points
any large pillow=1.5 points

15 points = 1 free small pillow
20 points = 1 free med pillow
25 points = 1 free large pillow